Monday, September 11, 2006

Guitar Center in LA on Suday Afternoon is Unpleasant

So, we went to the Guitar Center on Sunset yesterday to buy a 5-guitar stand. Wow. What a racket! To enter the music instrument retailer megalith, you need to traverse a threshold covered by a giant red awning that screams "Rockwalk." Yikes! We thought it was a theme restaurant, like Rainforest Cafe, but without the mist. But probably with the same over-seasoned fries. Isn't that like the only thing on the menu of every theme restaurant? (NB: I wish that theme restaurant that all those supermodels opened a few years back was still in business. I would totally eat there.)

On the other hand, a very cool young gospel piano player from Baltimore who I met on one of our plane rides this summer told me about using the Guitar Center's comparatively mellow keyboard room to practice before gigs, thereby solving his lack of instrument problem. Subversive uses of big box hellzones spring eternal!

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