Friday, January 05, 2007

The Cannibal Corpse of MOR Southern Rock?

Comment round-up: thanks to Paula and Nick for two VW-related apercus. Paula reports that the early demise of her VW station wagon may have been the result of a vengeful abrahamic god... and Nick suggests that our shred metal band, The Long Telegram, play a VW-sponsored tour without ever leaving the car. Excellent idea! Apparently, a band called the Eagles of Death Metal were just kicked off the latest Axl Rose tour, so there is actually space for us on an appropriately epic scale arena tour, where we could drive out onstage, and then never emerge from the car... we should get in touch with WAR's management. I don't know about the Eagles of Death Metal, but I feel confident that at very least we are the Loggins and Messina of Glam.

I have been investigating the very welcome phenomenon of blogs with links to winrar-archived rare and out of print records. Church Number Nine has some outrageously great things for the free jazz fan. And Orang Aural is also well worth a visit... and I will even recommend it as a source for the rare John Zorn radio hour, which has, among other things, some of the best James "Blood" Ulmer excerpts that can be heard with human ears.

Speaking of James "Blood" Ulmer:

Also, my comrades the Reveries are the subjects of a great cover feature in this week's Eye Weekly. This on the heels of a glowing review for Eric Chenaux's wonderful Dull Lights record in the Wire... could the world be coming to its senses?

That's a really cool Ornette and Ulmer piece. From the mid-70s, looks like. Have you seen this blog?
Whoa, that is a cool blog! Thanks so much for letting me know about it.

I think you are right about the vintage of the OC/J"B"U footage... I have a great affection for the silly editing gimmicks people used to use to "complement" free jazz performance footage.
thanks for rolling the drum for my orang aural blog, sad billionaire!
i've just begun to post again on this platform - have been busy doing ost's on http://mr-lucky.blogspot...
- to be continued ;)

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